Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Schnepf Farms

Schnepf Farms was so much fun! Addi rode on all the rides, even the fast roller coaster, which totally surprised me!

She picked out her pumpkins, and of course had to get a big one which is the "mommy" and a little one which is the "baby". Everything has to have a mommy and a baby

I love this picture of me and Addi kissing. The sign behind us says that "Pigs don't think they stink" So cute!

She loved seeing all the farm animals

Especially the "Big Bad Wolf"

Then we all rode the rides...

Even Pops!

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Church Fam said...

What the... mom and dad are nuts they rode the rides! Looks like fun. What was I doing that I didn't go? I guess my kids were in school. I love all the pictures. I love that Addi pie!!! love you to sis.